I was in 2nd grade going to a Catholic grade school when I saw a priest.

      I left the play ground and excitedly ran down the hill to ask him a question.

                             "Why is it that what Jesus told us to do

          is not being Shouted from every Rooftop and Pulpit in the Land???"

                     He said that Jesus just meant for us to try!!!

                      I felt his answer was cold, flat and lifeless!! 

       I knew in my Heart Jesus Knew We were Souls Expressing Caring and Kindness.

                We could do what Jesus Told us to do by Choice NOW!!!!!!!!!!

                                   I "Knew" Try was an Excuse not to DO IT NOW!  

                                 Modern Lingo it was a cop out!!!!!!!!!

                                  That Event Set Fire to my Soul!!!

Jesus now says"Now I say You Must do Much More the World's Now Depending on YOU!

               Heavens Shouted Together!!!       DO IT NOW!!!

                After graduating college I was accepted into UP WITH PEOPLE

    for the next 3 years as a musician and a member of the music production staff.

        In 1972 we were performing in Munich, one block from the Olympic Village,

       when it was Attacked!!   The Olympic Village was on Lock Down!!!

  Two day later, at the request of Jesse Owens, 50 of us walked into the Olympic Village

               and brought Peace and Calm back to the Olympic Village!! 

      The Fire that was set in my Soul in 2nd grade was now a Blazing Inferno!!! 

    Having left UP WITH PEOPLE after 3 years, one night my Soul prompted me

 to cry out to the Heavens and I said " I would do whatever I could to stop the

                              madness I had experienced in Munich"!!!!

    The Heavens Heard and Employed me Full Time for the next 5 1/2 years

   to Transcribe their Music Bringing it Down to Earth!! I transcribed over 130

  pieces usually before running off to teach cooperative play in the schools!! 

   One morning three choirs of Angels came into my room to clarify, verify

and confirm a three part song I had transcribed. I thought the three parts went

 together but had not yet confirmed it. They sang the three parts and confirmed

they did indeed all go together!!! Now my Soul has asked me to leave 

teaching and place all the pieces into musical manuscript like I had done 

while with UP WITH PEOPLE. Since I was a trained Kodaly Master 

I had Written all the Pieces in solfege!!!

You can go to compassionrap.com and get a small idea of the Wish of the Heavens!!