Can you remember in the Springtime of the year
Rainbows Dancing and Love in the Air
Flowers Singing and Laughing right out loud
All of Nature Bursting in Song
Smell the Flowers, hear the Birds, 
see the Children at play 
All of Life shouts forth its praise.     Chorus
Hear the Children as they Play, 
their Message today, 
Joy shows us the Way.            

When you're deeply troubled 
and life seems very cold 
And you feel so all alone.
Just remember the flowers, 
Love sent from above 
Hear the message of children at play.  Chorus

Life is so precious, a Love-Gift from above Teaching Love is all you do and say.
 Joy is the essence of Love within your soul Peace, Love felt by all.       Chorus                                

Nature is Loving, Oh so very kind
For She gives freely to all mankind.
She teaches that Loving gives freedom to "Live"
Praise be our Mother Earth!!

So remember the flowers, fields of blazing gold Sun-Love warming your very soul
The dancing and laughing of 
Nature's Loving song 
All of Life shouts out to all!!           

       Copyright  David Andrew Fyfe  2008