You sit quietly allowing your Soul to bathe you and wrap you inCompassion and Loving Kindness so you can feel a profound sense        of Peace and Absolute Silence within your entire Being.      This will allow your day to be filled with continuous      Soul support throughout the day if you so choose.  
Please Note:
If we sit and allow our Soul to envelop us for 30 days or more we will feel
Joy bubbles beginning.  These are a Soul Gift.  They will just Be for no 
apparent reason other then as a thank you for allowing ourselves to Be who
who we truly are.  We are Compassion and Loving Kindness expressing
at all times.  It is a choice we continuously make until we feel and know who we truly are.  Practice is over.     We Express who we are.     REAL LIFE BEGINS!
         JOY will become a standard of our Life no matter what.
         If it is lost it is easily recoverd by declaring who we are.
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