Come In...I made this
                                    COME IN….I MADE THIS
I was standing on the church steps in ChiChiCastenango, Guatemala, and looking out over the “sea” of awnings covering endless booths of brilliant colors and distinctive weavings. I felt both exhilarated and overwhelmed with sensory overload. I took a moment to quiet myself and asked to be led. Suddenly one booth caught my attention and I was on my way. The young Mayan woman greeted me with a smile and beckoned for me to look at her work.     i settled on the blue pillow sham that she’s holding in the painting. Even now, years later, when I look at it and touch it, all the magic of that special day comes rushing back at me. So take a moment; look at my painting…and come in.

Copyright 2008 Mary Lazoff-Fyfe